The Tenants

As had mentioned before we rented the second floor to mental health therapists.  Some had MSW after their name some Phd’s. Not all of them were nice, but some made themselves heard,  seen and known. Ms. Busybody always, almost created problems.  She was not liked nor appreciated when she always put her two cents in. … Continue reading The Tenants

The Devil Man

Some of my duties were to assist business representatives with their problems in the field. One day Mr. Chef calls me to make me aware that he had just left a situation where a man had lost it on the job.  The man was on the way in to the office to lodge a complaint … Continue reading The Devil Man

Mr. Majestic

In spring of 1994 a new company representative was transferred to our office. He was tall lean and quite handsome, not to mention available. Mrs. Blackhat was full of stories about him.  He had recently divorced and a bad one at that.  Not a friendly individual.  He never liked me!  Mrs. Blackhat had done the … Continue reading Mr. Majestic

Mrs. Chatterbox

Ocrober of 1994 the lady that managed the 401k left for maternity leave.  There were complications birthing her twins and never returned. They hired a part time lady to manage it and left her on the second floor in one of the bigger offices with a boardroom. Mrs. 401k was not an individual to just … Continue reading Mrs. Chatterbox

Glad Tidings in Goodbyes

Remember  The Cubicle Freaks? Come December 31, 1997 the company closes the department and moves the office to the headquarters offices. They all were layed off, given a $2,000 parting gift, unemployment and they were on their way. Mrs. Blackhat and Mrs. Bumblebee had a wonderful time going through their books, payrolls and comp-time. They … Continue reading Glad Tidings in Goodbyes